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Data Surveys Inc. boasts a distinguished track record of excellence in conducting thorough background checks into civil and criminal histories. Our meticulous approach begins with an exhaustive examination of background records, civil litigation history and criminal convictions to provide clients with comprehensive insights. Leveraging advanced techniques and the latest technological innovations, we ensure that no detail is overlooked, empowering our clients to make confident, informed decisions.

Furthermore, our investigative prowess extends to locating individuals across various jurisdictions. Whether it is locating witnesses or serving legal documents, Data Surveys Inc. employs sophisticated methods and resources to successfully track down individuals, delivering results promptly and efficiently. Our commitment to accuracy and efficiency sets us apart, providing our clients with the vital information they need to navigate complex matters.

Additionally, Data Surveys Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of services beyond traditional background checks. This includes notarizing signed statements and service efforts, conducting thorough social media investigation, and performing activities checks to gather additional insights into an individual's behavior and character. Moreover, our subpoena and process service protocols ensure legal compliance for litigation purposes. With Data Surveys Inc., clients can trust in our proven ability to uncover the truth and provide invaluable support in their decision-making processes.





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